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2018 Is Your Year!

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Well hello there and welcome to 2018!

Right now you’re looking back and thinking…what happened last night? Better yet, what happened this past year? Did I really see what I saw and hear what I heard and do what did (or thought I’d do and never got around to doing)?

Well, no worries. That’s behind you now! 2018 is going to be a great year. A goal crushing year. A year to remember.

In other words: 2018 is YOUR year!

You will crush your goals, achieve great things, and have a blast along the way!

2017 was a crazy year for my family, and particularly so for my wife. So for Christmas, I reached out to some friends and asked them to help me provide her with some motivation that she needs and deserves. The final product is below:

Are you ready to go out there and crush it? Don’t let the cold or the shorter days or the haters or the self-doubt get in your way! You’ve got this! And if you ever need some support of some encouragement, hit me up on social media!

I look forward to rocking 2018 with you all, and can’t wait to hear your goals!

Be sure to share your goals for 2018 below!

3 thoughts on “2018 Is Your Year!

  1. Matt, what a great idea! Awesome video! The running the community is so supportive and this was very inspirational! Looking forward to a great 2108!

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