Author Archive: Jessica Humphrey

Jessica Humphrey began blogging at in 2012 as a means of sharing her journey to running her first full marathon. Motivated by the loss of her father to complications from diabetes and heart disease, Jessica trained for and ran her first marathon in May of 2013. She now writes about her efforts to balance life as an avid runner, full-time special education teacher, mother of two and wife.

Tips for Successful Injury Recovery

I’m Jess and I write about my life as a yoga instructor, runner and triathlete at I came to running later in life, racing for the first time at the age of 27. Like many late in life athletes, I arrived…
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The Whole 30 – What’s It All About?

Hello! This is Jess from I’m thrilled to be back, guest posting for The Runner Dad! I’m sharing my experiences with the Whole 30, a whole-food based diet. I hesitate to use the word “diet,” as Whole 30 is…
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A Runner’s Intro to Power Yoga

Perhaps, like me, you are a data-driven, goal-oriented runner. Runners, in my experience, are creatures of habit. Glued to our GPS watches, the weather report and a race calendar, we may lose sight of the joy to be had in…
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