Inspiration & Motivation

Overcome Self Doubt


It happens to us all. On a run, in the middle of a meal, or as we drift off to sleep. Suddenly, without warning, we have a life changing idea. Perhaps it is a revelation about how we can improve…
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Motivation To Run


The new year has come. You told yourself that this would be the year that you start running. You have exclaimed to your friends and family that yes, this year would be the year that you become a runner. You…
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Inspirational Running Dad: Alex Park

In a continuation of the Inspirational Running Dad series, I want to introduce you to my good friend and fellow runner, Alex Park! Alex is married and has a ten month old son named Ethan (in the photo above). I…
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Tips for Staying Motivated

Running is a lot of fun. ¬†But let’s face it, from time to time it looses its flavor and our motivation to train begins to fade. According to the¬†Hanson Marathon Method, consistency is one of the five components to improving…
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Get Kids Excited About Running

It is a problem that parents are faced with across the country today. Kids would rather spend their time locked indoors, with their fingers attached to their smart phones, glued to the TV, and ears tuned into their iPod than…
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