Running & Parenting

Put The Phone Down

parents on phone

Recently I was at the park with my son, enjoying a rare warm day at the end of November. The sun was shining, my son was laughing, and everything seemed right with the world. Well, almost everything. You see, it…
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The One I Will Always Remember


We had a war here this summer. No, not a price-war or a gas-war, but one of those ugly wars with bombs and rockets, soldiers and fear, of funerals and collective sadness. The kind of war that has air-raid sirens,…
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Watch Your Children


I wanted to share this story with you to reiterate the importance of keeping a sharp eye on your children, especially in crowded locations. This happened just a few days ago to a long-time friend of mine. Today a man…
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Running with a Baby Jogger

Having kids should not be an excuse for why you stop running. True, children make sticking to a regular running routine more difficult, but there is no reason they should deter you from running altogether. Shortly after we found out…
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