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Ultra September Challenge Results

At the beginning of September, I set out to run 100 miles in 30 days. To make it more motivational and enjoyable, I invited all of you to join me on this incredible challenge. I teamed with in setting…
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First Steps

first steps

Every child has major milestones in their first few years of life:  first time sleeping in their crib; first real smile; first tooth; first time they roll over; first word.  Yet nothing really captivates and excites the way that a…
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Hometown Runs

We’ve all got that place.  Whether it be a park, a hidden trail, a boardwalk, or even just the city streets, there is that place in our hometown that is our favorite place to run.  It’s the place where, even…
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Boston Marathon Tragedy

As I watched this story unfold yesterday, I felt numb inside.  As an American, I could not believe there had been another bombing on US soil.  Being a runner, however, I felt the impact of this even deeper.  I didn’t…
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Friday FITspiration (Repost)

This post was originally posted by Jesica at on January 4, 2013.  You can view the original article by visiting the website.  You can also follow Jesica at @runladylike on Twitter. Happy first Friday of 2013! Here at, Fridays…
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