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Running is tough.  Yeah, I said it.  Sure, you’ll always hear how great running is, how it gives you this runner’s high, how’s there’s nothing else like it.  You’ll hear that running can take you places nothing else can…through mountains, along beaches, and through the urban jungle.  “Running has such great health benefits,” they’ll say.  “It keeps your muscles toned, your weight down, and your cardiovascular system in tip-top shape.” Runners will just go on and on about the joy and benefits of their sport…never really to discuss the side stitches, emergency “stomach” issues, twisted ankles and pulled muscles that plague even the best of them.

So the truth is, like I said earlier, running is tough.  And to get through anything that’s tough, especially something that is strictly voluntary, you need a reason.  I’m not talking your “I want to lose 10lbs” or “It gives me a reason to be outside” reasons either.  Just like with a diet, that type of reasoning is easy to quit.  You need a solid reason that is close to your heart, that really hits home.  One that, despite the heat, rain, snow, tiredness, stress, and laziness, just like the post office you’re going to get out there every day and make it happen.  You might have one, you might have many, and they might change over time…but the bottom line is you need one to make sure you stay dedicated to your success as a runner.

So what’s my reason?  After taking a year off of running, I found my reason on August 24th, 2012 at 1:59 p.m.  My first child, Jacob, was born at 9lbs 0oz and 21.5 inches (more on the birth story in a later post).

I run now for him, so that when he’s able to crawl, run, and walk, I’ll be able to keep up with him.  I run for him so that when he wants to run with Daddy, I can  be there with him every step of the way.  I run to keep myself healthy, so that I’ll be there for the birthdays, the highs and the lows, the milestones, and most importantly for that Father / Son time that is so precious yet from what I’m told so fleeting as they grow up faster than you want.  I love my son dearly, so it’s for him that I run…and hopefully one day he’ll have grown to out run his Daddy!

Let’s Hear It!

What’s your reason to run?  Leave some love (or hate) in the comments below and be sure to share!

11 thoughts on “Find The Reason

  1. I love this post and this question.

    I’m running for me. A few years ago, I ended a lifetime battle with obesity by reaching my goal weight after shedding 130lbs with lifestyle changes.

    1. (… and, apparently I can’t leave a comment correctly…)

      Before I hit send too early again, what I meant to add was that when I think about how far I’ve come – Every. Run. Is. A. Gift. Pure and simple, gratefulness is definitely some potent fuel.

  2. Great post! Why do i run??? Plan and simple, because I can! It’s the one thing that I can do and not screw up. It’s the one thing in my family that no one else does. I may not be great at it, but I don’t suck at it either…I have always loved to run my whole life. Took a couple years off from running due to a health problem, then made my way back, and have been running ever since. Through all the sweat and tears, and all the injuries and lots of pain, the heat, humidity, rain, snow, sleet, freezing temps, dehydration, there isn’t anything out there that I would rather be doing nor love more (other then my family) then running!! Can’t imagine my life without running…

    1. Thanks for checking out the blog! Running brings such great joy, and it’s so simple to do…just throw own a pair of shoes and head out the door…or even go barefoot. I’m glad to hear you came back from your health issues. And I hear you…there’s nothing else I’d rather do (other than spend time with my fam) than to run. If only someone would pay me to do that…

  3. I have a number of reasons I run, but my #1 is similar to yours. My father died in a car accident when I was a toddler. I never knew him and I have no idea what kind of relationship we would have had. I do know, however, that I didn’t have a relationship with my step father. I don’t remember anyone telling me, “I love you.” I’ve committed myself to telling my kids, (although they are all grown up and one actually lives there in NJ too), that I love them every day. Running keeps me healthy, so I have more time, or at least better quality time to spend with them. One of the benefits is that all three of my kids have developed into what I would call “fitness runners” too. This gives me many opportunities to, not only run for them, but to run with them. Stick with it and it won’t be long before you are running with that little guy. You might even want to try out a jogging stroller. I enjoy doing that with my granddaughter. She just turned 1 in September. Maybe we’ve got another generation of runners and “I love you sayers” on the way. Enjoy being a Dad. There’s nothing quite like it! Thanks for your blog, too. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Skip, first of all thanks for checking out the blog. I can’t wait until the Spring when I can put my little man in a jogging stroller and get out there with him. Hopefully he will be into running, but even if not I’ll support him in anything he does. Did you check out my post entitled “Hug Your Dad“? Talks about similar stuff with loving your kids and showing them it each day. Great to have you aboard.

  4. This a real good post. The reason I even started getting back into shape is my daughter. She’s 2 now and I really want to live a long healthy life for her. I recently started jogging. I started off small from jogging in place to jogging in Laps around the basement. Now once a week I go out and jog around the community. I guess I got off topic a little but the reason why I started was for my daughter. Not only do I want to live a long and healthy life also want to be able ride bikes with her, help her practice whatever sport she’s into, and also to encourage her to be active. Great post

  5. Running saved my life man. I was going through a divorce and it was just the self-therapy I needed to survive my day. Now, I don’t know how I’d live without it. It’s help me to be the man I want to be on a daily basis.

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