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Inspirational Running Dad: Geoffrey Alonso

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Good day everyone!  I hope you continue to find inspiration from our inspirational running dads! Take some time to get to know this week’s running dad, Geoffrey Alonso!   Geoffrey is a 29-year-old father of two wonderful children, a 3-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy.  Currently living in Topeka, Kansas, Geoffrey manages to juggle running, parenting, and his day time job as a  business systems analyst.

Geoffrey Finish

“Your life is your road, run it, don’t be scared of it…And if you are lucky, your kids will see that you are active and want to be right there beside you. Run for you, run for them, run for life.”

How and when did you get involved in running?
Well, I have had to run for sports most of my life but I started running somewhere around 10 months to a year ago for weight loss and found the joy and the peace in it. Now it is a passionate hobby.

What is your proudest running moment?
Hitting 11 miles a couple of weeks ago. Another milestone to a half marathon. Note, this is my proudest thus far. I know my proudest will be finishing my first half-marathon this June at the Hospital Hill Run in Kansas City…just one day after my 30th birthday!  What a gift!

How do you inspire your kids to run and/or exercise?
Lead by example. I want to go outside with them, or play in the house. Get away from the TV. My daughter watches me do push ups or things like that and either does them herself or help me out by getting on my back. And they aren’t small either, sizes of a 5 and 2-year-old respectively. I just want them to see me doing things like exercise and eating right so that they want to do it as well.

How are you an inspiration to others?
I have left a lot of “no way I cans” in the dust. I was 265 lbs and said no way I can get back below 200, here I am at 185. I said there was no way I can run more than a mile, 3.1 miles, 4 miles, 6.2 miles, 10 miles, etc. Here I am at 11 and counting. I said there was no way I could run under 10 min miles. Try hover around or below 8 when I am going at race speed (and it isn’t stopping there). I said there is no way I could find anything fun out of running, and it’s done so much for me now.

I love my “no way” cause it means I will find a way to do it. I think a lot of people have the “no way” mentality and let it control them. There is no way I could run, well, try it, if you run 2 steps, that is 2 steps longer than you did the day before. If you run 3 the next day, that is one more than the day before. Keep it going. Your life is your road, run it, don’t be scared of it.

What is your proudest parenting moment?
It has to be when my daughter was born, after all the commotion of the actual delivery when all of the families were in the room and holding her. She finally came back to me and as I held her, for the first time, she opened her eyes and smiled. I think that was when everything hit me. I know my kids will go on to do great things, but it will always start with the little girl smiling at me.

Geoffrey Alonso

What is your funniest parenting story?
My daughter is incredibly big for her age. At 2 she was the size of a medium 5-year-old, she was also very coordinated. She LOVES hitting balls off her tee in the back yard, and she can really mash them. So as I was swinging my son on the swing set she was taking some batting practice. I was half watching her while entertaining my son. I heard her hit a very solid one and looked over just in time to catch it in the face! We are talking about a good 30 ft away with a waffle ball, a good swing. My son started laughing and my daughter came running over and she said “Daddy are you ok, that hit you right in the noggin!” I said, “Ouch, that was a great hit though.” To which she replied “Here daddy, let me kiss it, I will make it all better”. I couldn’t stop laughing.

What advice would you give to dad’s out there?
New to running is like new to parenting. It’s exciting and scary and full of milestones. You will start out with people telling you all sorts of things, but you really have to just figure it out for yourself as everyone is different. You will hit points you think you just cannot do, and you will do it. You will learn things about yourself and others. You will find great triumphs, and great struggle. Most of the time things will not go as planned, and that is OK  flexibility works wonders. Sometimes you will hurt and just be worn out. But in it you will find peace, love, joy, happiness, smiles, laughs, maybe some barf too.

Balancing the two? It is good to have a good person by your side to accommodate. But you will learn to run when you can. It will become a routine like anything else. And if you are lucky, your kids will see that you are active and want to be right there beside you. Run for you, run for them, run for life.

What’s the best way for people to reach out to you?
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