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Everyone meet this month’s dad, 43-year-old Kirk Wilson, a police officer from Norwich, UK.  Kirk is a proud father of 3 children, including 2 girls (15 and 6) and one boy.  In addition to working, running, and being a parent, Kirk helps raise money for cancer research.

Kirk Finish Line

(On getting kids to exercise) Fresh air is still free of charge and I try to make them get as much as possible.

(On fitting in running and family) I haul myself out of bed no matter what and try to time my return as the family are rising so I can then spend the whole day with them uninterrupted.

How and when did you get involved in running?
I started running about three years ago after double knee surgery. I needed to get fit again and also wanted to raise money in memory of my 1st wife sadly lost her life to cancer.

What is your proudest running moment?
My daughter & I organized our own 5k fun run so we could run an event together. It started and finished at the church where her mummy is laid to rest. Watching her cross the finish line was incredible as we were surrounded by so many family & friends. The event was so successful that it is now an annual event! Personally though I am running the London marathon in April for Cancer Research UK which I am humbled, honored and ultra-excited about.

How do you inspire your kids to run and/or exercise?
I try to lead by example. They see me come in from my early morning runs before I go off to work. They know I am 28lbs lighter since running and therefore happier and healthier. I encourage them to play outdoors and even take them for little runs ‘around the block’. Fresh air is still free of charge and I try to make them get as much as possible. Having an understanding wife/partner also help immensely.

How are you an inspiration to others?
Well that is for others to say really. I run and raise money in memory of my first wife. I know that the fun run we have organized has gotten many people back out running. When I see them and hear their stories I get an overwhelming sense of pride. I hope I will inspire my 3 children to keep fit and that they think the ‘old boy’ is a good role model!

What is your proudest parenting moment?
All three births were amazing. My eldest daughter lost her mummy to cancer when she was just 10 years old just prior to starting high school. Instead of finding excuses to fail she knuckled down, made the world around her carry on and has just been accepted into her first choice college! She wants to study chemistry, biology, math & psychology to allow her to pursue a path in medicine one day. However each day are proud days with all three as they weave their way through life.

Kirk Family

What is your funniest parenting story?
We took the children to the London science museum in the summer, we were walking around and our youngest said (out loud) “This place is so, so, so, so (we all waited for a profound moment)…Science!”

What advice would you give to running dad’s out there?
Make time for your run! I get up an hour early three times a week before I need to for work to fit my run in. I haul myself out of bed no matter what and try to time my return as the family are rising so I can then spend the whole day with them uninterrupted. It’s not easy but I read a quote which said something like “when you wake up tired, get out there and make sure you go to bed shattered!” Listen to others regarding rest and try to eat healthily. And lastly, be lucky!

What’s the best way for people to reach out to you?
People can follow me on Twitter at @braydeston5k. They can find out more about the race my daughter and I started by visiting  You can also learn about my fundraising efforts and make a donation at

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  1. Cecil Vermule

    It’s awesome to hear of your inspiration. I hope that I am even as close as inspiring to my kids as you are to your kids.

  2. Geoff

    Bravo on being an inspiration and rock for your kids through tough times. As well as helping bring something good to the community.

  3. Doug

    Its an honour to know Kirk and he is truly an inspirational person and Dad.


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