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It Finally Happened

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Note: This post is from November 2012. Read more of my weight journey here.

It finally happened.  We went pumpkin picking over the weekend, happily enjoying the day, until I got home and looked through the photos while munching on some Doritos.  “Who’s the fat guy with the double chin (and too short hair-cut) holding my son?”  Oh no…oh no oh no oh no!  It’s finally happened.  A year off of running, coupled with sympathy pregnancy eating (though my wife will probably tell you that I was just eating…had nothing to do with sympathy) and a terrible commute, has turned me into something I never wanted to be.  Overweight and out of shape.  I mentioned it in my first post (My New Mantra), but sometimes you have to see it in a photo to believe it.

The double (unshaven) chin. The WIDE girth of the belly area.  The tightness of the shirt.  This is not who I once was.  Who was I once?  I was the guy who weighed 135lbs in high school when running Cross Country.  I was the guy that continued running after high school, competing in multiple 5Ks.  I was the guy who went on to run not one but multiple half marathons (best time 1:50:27) and one full marathon.  I was the guy who didn’t mind actually enjoyed running without a shirt in the summer.  I was the guy who was running 30-40 miles in a weekend while training for an ultra marathon.  I was the guy whose legs you see in the header photo and whose photo you see below, happy crossing the finish line after a half marathon with Team in Training:

Happy Skinny Runner Dad
Happy Skinny Runner Dad

So it’s time to take my own advice and follow my own mantra and get it together before this really spirals out of control.  It’s gonna take a lot of hard work, dedication, time, courage, a good reason, and support from all of you reading this to help me get back on track.  Help me become that Happy Skinny Runner Dad once again!

Let’s Hear It!

When in your life did you fall off track, and what did you do to get back to it?

8 thoughts on “It Finally Happened

  1. For me, I quit running after HS. It wasn’t enjoyable for me anymore after being so competitive in both cross country and track. 10 years later and after my divorce it became my savior. I needed it as a stress reliever and I started enjoying it again. Its amazing the confidence it gave me as well. Then I got pregnant and had two kids within two years. Now that the youngest is 19 months old and finally healthy I have no excuse but to get out and enjoy running again. Its been a joyous ride so far. I’ve signed up for my first half marathon and I’m ready to love/hate every mile of my training. 😀

    1. Glad to hear you’re getting back to it! I think that’s going to be key for me…signing up for a race. That will hopefully give me more of a drive to get out there and do it. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I think after the birth of my third child. She absolutely hated her jogging stroller, and would scream. Then works schedules weren’t conducive to a run, and it just went downhill from there, until I was barely running and 30 pounds heavier. My double chin speaks louder than yours. 😉

  3. I got off track after I broke my back in 2005. I was never a super athlete but I was active and felt good. Then after 2 years of full-time therapy trying to get better and fitter and stronger and living in less pain, I decided I would try running again. I just told myself I HAD to do it for my health and for my sanity and for my quality of life and it all fell into place even despite how hard it was. You’ll do it. Pick a goal and you’ll be that old runner dad in no time.

  4. Happiness is the most important thing. In that race picture, you really do look like you are happy and having a good time. Just have to try getting back out there and finding/remembering what about it made you happy. Being on your own outside, feeling great afterwards, listening to your favorite music, chatting with a buddy while pushing the pace, how you felt about yourself during training cycles, or anything that you just enjoyed about the experience. Was recently talking about with a friend about how we think it is really cool and inspiring for young kids (especially boys) to see their dads running. So there is an extra little bit of motivation. You will get back to it, this already seems like a great first step to find the motivation. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words Steve. You’re right, it’s all about enjoying being out there…and that’s why I ended up taking over a year off now because I just wasn’t enjoying it. But now I’m ready to enjoy it again, and I DO want to be that motivation for my son. Setting goals and entering some races should hopefully get me going again soon. Stay tuned!

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