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Life is Change

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The other day I looked at the calendar and realized, wow, it is 2013.  Here I was, sitting at my desk at a new job, living in a new location, about to start a new training plan, all while raising a semi-new (4 month old) child.  It’s amazing how quickly time flies by.  That project around the house I meant to do last weekend?  Oh, wait, no, that was now almost a month ago now (sorry my wife!). That friend you just talked to on Tuesday?  Yeah, that was actually Tuesday 2 months ago.  Where does the time go?

This got me thinking about all that has changed in my life over the past five years.  It is not that life brings change, or life is all about change.  Life simply is change.  It is a wild ride of ups, downs, and lulls in between that shape us into the people that we are.

Here’s my journey over the past five years, and I hope you can share yours in the comment sections below.

  • 5 years ago I was 27 years old and living in an apartment.  I had just completed my first marathon in a very disappointing time of 5:53 at Walt Disney World (training in 20 degree weather followed by racing in 70 degree weather…not a great mix). Me after DisneyMe after DisneyShortly after I would find out my older brother had cancer.  A few months later I would run a PR in the half marathon (1:50:27).  A few months after that I would lose my brother to cancer.  At the end of that summer I would go on a first date with an amazing woman, with many more dates to follow.  Late that year I would purchase my first home, a one-bedroom condo.
  • 4 years ago I traveled with that wonderful woman I was dating to Costa Rica.  What an amazing trip!  Shortly after we started training to run the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half marathon together at the beginning of September with Team in Training.

    Me and Steph

    Over the summer we took an amazing camping trip.  Post half marathon I was a groomsman in my best friend’s wedding. Shaun and Sarah Wedding One week later, I got down on one knee and proposed! Down on One Knee December of that year, after some downward health battles, we found out my dad had brain cancer.  He had open brain surgery, and thankfully made it through OK.

  • 3 years ago we booked our honeymoon to Fiji!  Shortly thereafter we found out my dad’s cancer, which they thought they had gotten, had come back aggressively.  After rounds of chemo and radiation, with no improvement, he made the decision to stop treatment.  The last few months with him with home hospice care I spent as much time as possible by his side.  In August, he passed away.  A week later we ran a 5K in his memory. 5k A month and a half later, my wife and I got married and had an amazing honeymoon. wedding A month later we attended a friend’s wedding.  I started a new job December 2nd…I was out sick the first two days.  Later that month there was an epic snow storm.
  • 2 years ago our newest niece (at the time) was born.  We took a road trip to see our friend get married in Buffalo, stand under Niagara Falls, take in a game in Chicago at Wrigley, and play some mini golf in Lancaster. baseball We attended our niece’s christening.  We attended a friend’s wedding in the city.  We started a cupcake business.  It snowed on Halloween. halloween On the day before Christmas Eve we found out my wife was pregnant! surprise
  • 1 year ago we took a cruise in the Caribbean.  My wife got a new car.  We moved to a townhouse.  I was a groomsman in my little brother’s wedding. joewedding My son was born in August!

    Jacob in Hospital

    We got no sleep for a while, but had lots of laughs along the way.  I started a blog and started using Twitter.  I started yet another new job to get rid of my horrible commute.  I won a blog award! My son had his very first Christmas (and lots of other firsts as well). christmas

So if ALL of that happened in the past five years, I cannot imagine what the next five years have in store.  I know there will be ups, and I know there will be downs, but thankfully I am blessed to have a wonderful family, great friends, and all of you!

Let’s Hear It!

What have your last five years been like?  What surprises good or bad came your way?  Leave it below!

10 thoughts on “Life is Change

  1. What a great post! It’s amazing how time flies and how much change can come in such a short time. This post reminds people that the most important things are family and friends, things will change quickly so hold on tight. Over the last 5 years my wife and I had our first child. Moved from Hell’s Kitchen NYC to Long Island, buying our first house on Long Island. Sold that house, moved to a new house in Syracuse and had two more kids! It will be 5 years in March since all of that…amazing! Now I’m trains for my 1st half and 1st full marathons (amount other races)…on to the next five years and the challenges it may bring!

  2. Pretty amazing ride! Congrats for all of your accomplishments! I’ve changed my life over the last five years as well! Highlighted by two new jobs, four kids and I lost over 100 pounds!

  3. This is such a great post! I am teary-eyed. You have been through so many ups and downs in the last five years! I am sorry for the loss of your brother and father. You are a beacon of hope, running in their memories and raising money to help find a cure via TNT. Keep on doing big things! Props to you!

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