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Hello hello hello!

Did I have you at hello?

I sure hope so, because clearly, I didn’t have you with anything I have written recently. I just did a quick look back and I last posted back in February. February! My, oh my!

2017 has been a crazy, busy year for me. I wish I could say that it was because I was working on some top-secret, mind-blowing project that I could reveal to you today that would change your life forever (although this has been tickling the back of my mind)! But alas, it is simply the chaos of (sort of) everyday life. Some of the crazy 2017 highlights include:

  • Put our condo on the market.
  • Sold our condo.
  • Family trip to Great Wolf Lodge!
  • Put our house on the market.
  • Put an offer in on a house.
  • Deal fell through.
  • Got an offer on our house.
  • Deal fell through.
  • Sold our house.
  • Moved in with in-laws.
  • Bought a house
    Bought a house!
  • Moved out of in-laws house.
  • Oldest son graduated Pre-K.
    Oldest son graduated Pre-K.
  • Remodeled two rooms of new house.
  • Had Baby #3...almost 2 weeks late!
    Had Baby #3…almost 2 weeks late!
  • Put on over 10lbs of sympathy weight (what? it’s a thing!)
  • Went on paternity leave.
  • Finally started running again!
  • Painted and painted and painted.
  • Went back to work.
  • Tried to have floors installed – big to-do, big failure.
  • Had 120ft oak taken down & multiple trees cleaned up.
    Had 120ft oak taken down & multiple trees cleaned up.
  • Had house painted.
    Had house painted.
  • Went to the zoo!
    Went to the zoo!
  • 2 birthday parties in 1 day for oldest son.
  • Had a bat in the house…good times.
  • Lost most of the sympathy weight.
  • 2 weeks later…got dive bombed by another bat at 5:30 in the morning while on the treadmill. Again, good times.
  • Oldest son started kindergarten! Yikes!

And…there are still 3 months left in 2017. I’m not sure what the rest of the year holds (besides multiple birthdays, holidays, some possible races, etc.) but I am sure that it will be interesting.

So that’s my 2017 so far, in a nutshell. I am really sorry I have been so out of touch for so long, but life, as you can see, has been a bit busy. I am hoping that as we finally settle into a new routine that I will have more “free” time soon. Until then, keep on running and keep on smiling!

How’s your 2017 going? Share in the comments below!


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3 thoughts on “My Crazy Busy Life

  1. Been missing your posts. Didn’t realize it had been that long, but knew it had been a while. As I was on Twitter yesterday, I saw one of your posts and thought that I hadn’t receive blog post from you in a while and boom today this shows up. You have had quite the year indeed.

    1. Hey Paul, long time! Yeah, it’s been a crazy year so far, but I woke up feeling good today and just had to share! Thanks for staying in touch. Hope the ultra life is still treating you well!

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