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One year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. It amazes me how fast that amount of time can go by.  When I was younger a summer day would last a life time. As an adult, I frequently quip “Remember when summer wasn’t just another season?” Days go by in an instant, weeks blur together. Birthdays, holidays, and celebrations come and go. All the while the clock continues ticking, as we tumble uncontrollably into a future that we try to anticipate but often times leaves us wondering how exactly we landed in the spot we’re in today.

As my son enters his second year of life, I felt it important to take a moment and reflect on my (and my family’s life) over the past year. I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach as I think about the delivery and holding him in my arms for the first time. I remember feeling completely tired, overwhelmed, and often times on the brink of madness during those first four weeks of being home with him.  Each day he continued to learn and grow, and it was (and is) amazing watching as he does.  There was the fun of projectile poop and so many sleepless nights.  Eventually he started sleeping through the night, though as any parent will tell you that doesn’t always last.  Endless firsts: first holidays, first tooth, first time crawling, first time standing, and of course first word (which of course was “ma-ma” because he loves his mommy!).

That was just my son’s life.  There’s been an incredible amount of things which have happened in my life and the world around me too.  I became a dad! I started this blog along with my Twitter and Facebook pages, and won #RunChat’s Best New Blog award! I left one job and started another. The Newtown shooting took place. My wife and I decided to lose weight. The Boston Marathon bombings happened. Ran a 6:36 mile, a PR for my 30s. My family I moved to the Jersey Shore. I hurt my back, which lead to a doctor causing my lung to collapse.

It’s been a very eventful year, filled with ups and downs. Here is to hoping that the next year of my son’s life is filled with more happiness than sadness, more accomplishments than setbacks, and more celebration than loss.

A year goes by so fast. What happened in your last 365 days? Share below!

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  1. Three years ago, I embarked on a journey of working out obsessively on an elliptical thanks to some competitions at my former job. I ended up losing and keeping off 30 pounds and kept exercising. Eventually, I wanted to add some variety to my workouts so, a little more than a year, ago, I started running after a 25-year hiatus. That, in turn, led to training for my first half marathon last October. I crushed my goal and finished in 1:45:10. Then in the spring, I ran a 44::40 10k.. And to top it off, my wife has started running and has signed up for a 5k in two weeks, and my new 7th grade son is running cross country and finished his first meet (2 miles on a hilly course) in 15:12.

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