Every Dad Can Be Their Child's Favorite Super Hero.

Inspirational Running Dad: Andrew O’Brien

Everyone say hi to Andrew O’Brien, our newest Inspirational Running Dad! Andrew, from London, England, is 34 years old and father to his 14-year-old daughter. Andrew has set out to run 12 marathons in 12 months in 2013 to raise…
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Inspirational Running Dad: Kirk Wilson

Kirk Finish Line

Everyone meet this month’s dad, 43-year-old Kirk Wilson, a police officer from Norwich, UK.  Kirk is a proud father of 3 children, including 2 girls (15 and 6) and one boy.  In addition to working, running, and being a parent,…
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Life is Change

Life Is Change

The other day I looked at the calendar and realized, wow, it is 2013.  Here I was, sitting at my desk at a new job, living in a new location, about to start a new training plan, all while raising…
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Inspirational Running Dad: Will Adams

Will Adams

Throughout 2013, The Runner Dad will be featuring inspirational running dads from throughout the running world.  Find out more here. Everyone meet this month’s dad, 35-year-old Will Adams from San Jose, CA, a TV newscast director for NBC Bay Area. …
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Pray for Newtown

This post could be about anger, but it’s not.  It could be about politics and gun control, but it’s not.  It could be about asking all the questions, such as “how could this happen” and “what would cause someone to…
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