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Winter Running Must Haves

Running during the winter months is bracing in the best sense of the word and can also help you feel warmer at home. A big plus I experience with my winter running is that I feel warm for hours after…
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Tips for Surviving an Ice Bath


The ice bath. One of running’s greatest rights of passage. The need for an ice bath signifies a milestone in your training. You have passed into double-digit mileage. You are well into your training and getting physically and mentally prepared…
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Give Spinning a Spin

Being from the North East, the cold rarely bothers me here in Virginia Beach, but I do many of my training runs partially on the Virginia Beach boardwalk. Home to what are often strong, sea water and salt filled winds,…
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6 Tips to Survive Running in the Cold

Hi everyone! This is Heather from Divas Run for Bling where I blog about my adventures in running – the training, the races, the lessons learned and the bling. I am wrapping up what has been a challenging 2013 and…
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Get Equipped to Succeed

Every sport has its equipment, every participant his uniform. Thankfully, of all the sports out there, running has to be the easiest of sports for which to get equipped. A shirt, some shorts, a pair of socks, and sneakers and…
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