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The Struggle is Real

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On Monday I shared with you how over the past few months I have gone from fit to flabby. The last few months have been very stressful, and when you couple that with virtually no exercise you can imagine how easy it can be to put back on any weight lost during training.

However, that is only the half the story. The other half, as alluded to in the cover photo, is complete and utter lack of effort to maintain any type of healthy diet whatsoever. To be honest, as sad as it is, eating healthy has just not been a priority for me lately. With so much going on and so much on my mind, most days I simply want to reach out and grab whatever food is going to make me happy in the moment. And let’s be honest, a kale salad or celery and humus is not going to hit the spot like a #6 from Wendy’s is…am I right? Spicy chicken goodness…golden french fries drenched in sweet ketchup…the cool, sugary satisfaction of an oversized Coca-Cola….

Homer Simpson

Sorry about that…

Then, of course, is my 9:00 problem.

My 9:00 problem is that every night around 9:00 my body says give me something sweet. My vice of choice is ice cream…any flavor, any brand (except Breyer’s…yuck). No ice cream, no problem. Maybe a brownie, or a muffin, or hot chocolate and a scone (or two). Even on nights I’m not hungry the routine has become so ingrained in me that I just can’t help myself. Sure, I feel disgusting (some times) after the fact…but people, the struggle is real, I just keep going back.

My hope is that one day, very soon, a few things will happen. All the stress will die down with the house, with the majority of big projects behind us. I will get out there and start running again. And, like has happened in the past, I will simply wake up one day and say “No More” and simply say goodbye to the bad food choices and night-time snacks and reintroduce myself to MyFitnessPal. I will shed the lbs and be back to racing after PRs and flying on runner’s highs.

Until then, I will sit here, sip my tea and fight the good fight. Each day is a new battle, with new chances to either succeed or fail. Stay tuned…the saga continues.

Are you struggling with your weight this holiday season? What kind of things knock you off track? Share in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real

  1. You got this, Matt! Take things slow and don’t implement too much at once. I typically have my clients create one weekly goal regarding nutrition or fitness instead of a ton at once. Implementing everything at once just causes overload, you screw up with one thing, and then toss the whole day aside. I also never take foods away. In your case, sweets, and next decrease the number of times per week and have smaller portions. Truly, it sounds like the lack of exercise is what is really getting you. Try and shoot for 10 minute sessions. Something is better than nothing. Some of my clients have finals week going on right now and are finding it hard to find time. This is where these 10–20 minute quickies come into play or setting a timer while they are studying for 30 minute intervals and then get up and move around or do 10-20 reps of something.

    You got this man! Keep it up.

    1. Hey Joshua, thanks for checking in and thanks for the encouragement! Thankfully I’ve done this before so I know the mental commitment it will take. Monuments are not built in a day…they are built brick by brick over a long and sometimes arduous journey. Looking forward to tackling it once again!

  2. My healthy eating habits went out the window following my surgery – combined with the lack of running for 8 weeks is no bueno for my weight. But slow and steady wins the race right? Small changes lead to bigger ones. Hope things settle down for you soon!

  3. Totally feel your pain….I could have written your last two post myself. The stress of a my new position this year has been overwhelming and its led to more drinking, eating anything and everything as I work later into the night and giving up on exercising. I too have logged back into Myfittness pal and am logging and trying (note trying) to eat less and exercise more.

    Good luck in your efforts….we will fight our way back to running and a healthier lifestyle together.

  4. Oh man! I have been fighting this battle since January. You have my total sympathy! After some health issues combined with the effects of medication, my hard-earned 40lbs lost was regained in the span of several months in the past year. It’s scary how quickly it piles back on. 🙁
    I’ve been fighting really hard to adjust my activity level back to what it was, but we all know that isn’t enough, right?. Sadly ive been seriously struggling with getting my food choices, portion control, & meal planning back to schedule. What’s made it harder has been that my husband, who is not a fitness nerd like me, does not help in this regard. The 9pm struggle in our house is chips and salty things.
    Recently I finally sat down and wrote out three of my previous dietary “rules” and forced myself to follow them for a week before adding three more rules. It’s getting better but it’s still by no means perfect. It’s so easy to get discouraged in this scenario but I try to remind myself daily that it’s a slow process and if I fall down, to allow myself that failure and try again the next day.
    I’m not one to believe in totally depriving myself of all pleasures. Life would be no fun without those Wendy”s #6’s amiright?? But achieving that balance is tough. Good luck!!

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