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Ultra September Challenge Results

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At the beginning of September, I set out to run 100 miles in 30 days. To make it more motivational and enjoyable, I invited all of you to join me on this incredible challenge. I teamed with in setting up a challenge page to provide us all the tracking and motivation we would need to come out on the other end as victors. The stage was set, the players knew their parts. It was now man and woman against road. Who would succeed? Who would surpass? Who would be crowned an Ultra September Challenge Victor?

100 MilesIn short, not this guy. But hey, I gave it my all, did the best I could with the time I had available. It is not always easy to get out there and pound the pavement, especially when life (or the weather) gets in the way. Ultimately I missed a key long run which brought the whole house of cards tumbling down. Am I disappointed? Yes. I would love to be able to stand with the rest of the victors and scream in triumph at having conquered such a noble feat. However, I am still proud of what I have accomplished, and even more so, am proud of all of you who took part in the challenge.

Speaking of all those who took part, I would like to congratulate you all on a job well done! Of the 61 runners who signed up, 23 hit or surpass the 100 mile mark! All told, together we ran 3343 miles! If we were doing a relay race, we would have run from New York City to just outside San Salvador, El Salvador! Congratulations again to everyone who participated.  You are all amazing, and I know you will continue to run faster and farther each and every day!

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9 thoughts on “Ultra September Challenge Results

  1. Thanks for offering the challenge. I had only ever ran 100 miles/mo once before. I knew I could do it, but like you, was worried about getting it done with my time restrictions. BUT…..I did it, barely. You could probably count double miles since you pushed a stroller on some of your runs! haha 😉 It was fun. Thx again.

  2. I didn’t take the challenge, but am proud to say that I ran 196. 5 miles for the month of September ( most miles ever in a month). Of those miles, I ran 101.36 during my 24 hour run this past weekend (most miles in a day).

  3. Have to admit it was harder than I thought. I did well over 100miles/month June, July & August so I thought it’d be a doddle. 1 week in I was at 33 miles & looking good. Even tapering for the Bristol half-marathon didn’t matter. But I didn’t recover well from the race (not sure why) & my daily mileage crashed. Then I had other commitments & before I knew it I had 4 days to go & 16 miles to do. Finishing a day early was so awesome!
    In fact so awesome I signed up for the October buck fifty challenge on the same site.

  4. I was unaware of the challenge so didn’t participate but I have managed to keep my mileage above 100 miles /160k almost the entire year, since february. Most of my mileage/months are in the range of 140-180km, a very good month for me is above 200km/125 miles. Three of the months this year, including september has reached that milestone 2013.

  5. Wow, sounds like an interesting challenge. Wonder if I could have done it? I am not always good at keeping track of monthly mileage and typically pay attention to what I need to run each day during the week. I am now following along so hopefully if you do one in the future I can try it out!!

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