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What Goes Up, Hopefully Comes Back Down

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If you have followed me over the years, you know that I sometimes struggle with weight. Typically it is because I go through phases where I just do not take care of myself. I eat what I want, when I want. I eat when I am happy. I eat when I am sad. I eat for the flavor. I eat because it is there. Because honestly, I love eating. This becomes an issue when I do not exercise to help burn off all that food I am shoving down my pie hole. The weight goes up, I start feeling bad, and so I eat my feelings. Round and round it goes (and round and round I get).

Typically I will have a moment where I am finally like “enough is enough” and I will get back to exercising and get back to responsible eating and portion sizes. I am back there again, ready to say enough is enough and get back to where I feel comfortable in my own skin again.

There is only one problem though. This time around, at least for the foreseeable future, I cannot exercise. Well, let me rephrase. I “can” exercise, just nothing that involves using my ankle…you know, like running or jumping or even walking. Soon I am having surgery to hopefully fix the problems I have been having, but until then and on through to the end of recovery, my only weapon against weight gain is my good old friend MyFitnessPal…because I have zero motivation to exercise when I cannot run.

If you have ever tried to just cut calories without exercising as well, you know how tough it can be. This is especially true when you are coming off of a holiday season where you ate with abandon and every cookie and pie you met was your new best friend. It really is the culmination of roughly 5-6 months of no running and steady weight gain, with fits and starts of trying to fight back the waistline that is expanding and the clothes that are shrinking. The war has raged on and my overweight cookie loving self is exhausted.

But today is the day I start. And if I fail, then I start again tomorrow. Because the war rages on, and I am tired of losing the battles and really do not want to have to buy new clothes.

Are you currently struggle with weight gain? Let’s chat below!

8 thoughts on “What Goes Up, Hopefully Comes Back Down

  1. I feel you Matt! Even though I am able to run, I still love to eat! My biggest issue is if I don’t run enough to burn off the calories I eat I will put on weight. I am on a constant rollercoaster of up and down gain and loss. I am currently at 186. Back in 2013 when I had a regular running partner before he moved away in 2014, I was down around 160. I would love to get back down to the weight, but I would take 170 and be happy. I have gotten down in around 179, before the holidays kicked my butt. So I am right there with you with the one exception that you can’t run and I can. Love to support one another during these months ahead as I know there will be many struggles!

  2. Yup, after bariatric surgery in 2015 and losing over 185 lbs, I’m creeping up a bit, as I’ve returned to some older habits, still not a big deal but concerning none the less given my prior “fat” pathology. I’ll never return to Jabba the Hut but still realize the need to be careful

  3. Hey Matt.
    We only go round once.
    I was diagnosed in 2017 with T2 diabetes at 45 years old. Just so happened to be the year my son was born. (I now have 2 daughters in college and a 2yo son)
    I had a choice to make…. watch my boy play in the yard while i sat on the porch chain-smoking….OR…
    GET OFF MY ASS AND CHANGE THINGS. I chose the latter. I started running for the first time since USAF 1994. I got back on the good side of 2 hundo and ran (poorly) the Flying Pig Half Marathon in 2019. After bouts with injury and poor training practices, i was so discouraged i virtually quit running altogether. This past holiday season put the pounds back on me. So, here I am….here WE are…
    Starting from scratch….again.
    I’ll tell you where exactly I’m starting….on the 1st, I WALKED 5 MINUTES
    Ran 10
    The Walked another 5.

    Today, i go at it again.

    Wish me luck as I wish you luck. Your inability to run both saddens me and inspires me.

    God’s Speed,


    1. That’s fantastic news that you’re getting back out there. And you’re right, it only takes a little bit over and over again to get you back on track. Best of luck to you!

  4. I can relate. I was running 5-10 miles a day back in August when I fell and tore my meniscus. During the post surgery healing I freaked about not burning calories but was able to cut out snacks, etc and maintained weight. I’m not fully recovered now but walking with short bursts of running. My calorie burning is up but now I’m like you were, snacking more. It’s a daily struggle to say no to excess food. So far so good but am hoping to lose 10lbs. -Mike

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